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Why the GOP Struggles

Posted in Politics with tags , , , on November 27, 2008 by Joe

[Picture of a capsized, dead GOP elephant.]

Even FOX News admits the GOP struggles. They see the younger generation lean towards more liberal values; they scream about Congress slowly being replaced by Democrats; they hear the massive “How the GOP must rebuild itself” discussions. They say, somewhere down the line, political consensus curved, and America became more liberal. They ask: Why?

They blame it on the media — the famous actors and actresses who preach liberal values; that damned MTV and her politically motivated music videos; the broadcast of gay pride parades, Obama ads, and more. But I think that this supposed “liberal change” is indeed not a change America felt, because a change as fast and as drastic as these questioners describe is absurd.

I don’t believe America changed at all; I believe it was the Republican party that changed. With the eight devastating years President Bush was in office, a massive, massive divide separated traditional Republicans with new “neo-conservative” Republicans. The traditional republicans who advocated separation of church and state, who supported personal liberty, and who scoffed at the idea of preemptive war felt betrayed. And they — by mere contrast — became moderates and liberals.

It is not that America is becoming more liberal; rather, it is the Republican party becoming more and more conservative. And it is the Republican party demanding that traditionalists get out of their selective tree house. That is the reason for the downfall of the GOP. That is why they struggle.