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The Passive Aggressive American

Posted in Society with tags , , , , on December 7, 2008 by Joe

As an Asian who knows many other Asians, I am surrounded by conservatives on a day-to-day basis; and while they all agree that gay marriage would destroy morality in America, none of them would personally go up to a gay couple’s house, knock on their door, and tell them to disperse. Of course not. That would be absurd! But they are all fine if the government does it for them. My conservative friends proved this fact on November 4, 2008, when they all cast their ballot: ‘Yes’ on Proposition 8.1

Then there is our military. “Support out troops,” we say, and with good intent. But if being part of America’s military is such an important and noble deed (as it very well may be), then why don’t more people join the army? Why does only one Republican congressman have a son in Iraq? Could it be that we put forth emotional investment, but are simply too lazy to do anything about our beliefs?

I see this apathy in bloggers as well. Bloggers are, perhaps, the most outspoken lads of this generation. We passionately write entries detailing our beliefs, our philosophies, and our ideas. But how many of us actually act upon our ideas? I know I don’t. And I suspect that very many others do (or rather don’t do) too.

The average American has outsourced his beliefs. We hold them — many beliefs — but we leave other people to do the dirty work.

If the terrorists attack us, we let the government take care of it for us. But they sell away our fundamental rights with legislation such as the PATRIOT act, and they attack the wrong countries. We don’t like that one bit, but we seemingly don’t care. And instead of grand protest marches remembered in the 1970s, we sit at our homes, watch television, and speak, “Hey Honey: That Bush is at it again.” Honestly, could you imagine the antiwar protests of the seventies occurring today?

I know I don’t have the ability to. Because I was born into a world where apathy and outsourcing your problems is commonplace. We care about the issues, but we let the government take care of our problems for us. Seriously America: What happened?

1 For those not in the know, proposition 8 was a proposition to once again ban gay marriage in California.


Thoughts on This Blog

Posted in Internet, Personal with tags , , , , on September 28, 2008 by Joe

[Picture of a pen on paper.]

I stare at my “Blog stats” counter, and amazingly, I don’t care. My reaction is self-surprising; I had a previous blog, Political Joe, which I spent more time promoting than actually writing. Something has changed within me as a person, and I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what.

A lot has changed since Political Joe, both in my writing and personal life. I started taking PSAT classes, which have helped me write with much higher quality prose. I look at my old articles once on Political Joe, and feel a heavy sense of ignominy. ‘I actually thought this was good?’ I think to myself. And perhaps that’s the irony of a developing writer; perhaps I’ll look at this blog one day, and feel that same shame I will remember feeling now. The dilemma is the ignorance of not knowing how good your writing is as you are writing it.

My personal life has changed as well. When I first discovered politics and debate, I was a genuine addict. All I could think about was politics, politics, and more politics. I’ve cooled down since then. While I still care, I realize that writing has more purpose than simple “this is what I believe” pieces. Writing can be funny, it can be authentically insightful, and it can be personal. I like to think I’ve grown.

After all my contemplation, I can proudly state I still don’t know why my reaction was surprising. Perhaps I’m more confident about my writing. Perhaps I have lower expectations. Maybe I have a more pure motivation to write. I don’t know. Perhaps after everything is said and done, it doesn’t matter.