I is sorry…

…for not updating this site in quite a while. I am currently building two other sites, a task that is consuming a good majority of my time this winter break.

Update: December 25, 2008

Incidentally, I just finished one of the aforementioned websites: DebateDotCom.com. Leave a comment about what you think about the design.

Oh, and Merry *****mas!!!!!!

Update: December 31, 2008

I received a cease and desist letter on December 29, 2008. As such I was forced to move the domain to DebateFans.com. You can click here to read about what happened.

Oh, and Happy New Years!


5 Responses to “I is sorry…”

  1. politicalgrapevine Says:

    We are all feeling this insane rush of chores and tasks. I’ve found that I must incorporate my blog in with other hobbies in order to create time. While I am repairing or building computers I constantly think of my next post. Perhaps you should try this?

  2. politicalgrapevine Says:

    I’m sorry, I think you meant to say CHRISTmas

  3. The design is very minimalist, which may have been exactly what you were looking for – if so, then well done! I would probably work on smoothing out that text for the website header.

  4. Oh damn. I received a Cease and Desist Order.

    Debatedotcom.com will probably be moved to debatetalk.com or something.

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