Why the GOP Struggles

[Picture of a capsized, dead GOP elephant.]

Even FOX News admits the GOP struggles. They see the younger generation lean towards more liberal values; they scream about Congress slowly being replaced by Democrats; they hear the massive “How the GOP must rebuild itself” discussions. They say, somewhere down the line, political consensus curved, and America became more liberal. They ask: Why?

They blame it on the media — the famous actors and actresses who preach liberal values; that damned MTV and her politically motivated music videos; the broadcast of gay pride parades, Obama ads, and more. But I think that this supposed “liberal change” is indeed not a change America felt, because a change as fast and as drastic as these questioners describe is absurd.

I don’t believe America changed at all; I believe it was the Republican party that changed. With the eight devastating years President Bush was in office, a massive, massive divide separated traditional Republicans with new “neo-conservative” Republicans. The traditional republicans who advocated separation of church and state, who supported personal liberty, and who scoffed at the idea of preemptive war felt betrayed. And they — by mere contrast — became moderates and liberals.

It is not that America is becoming more liberal; rather, it is the Republican party becoming more and more conservative. And it is the Republican party demanding that traditionalists get out of their selective tree house. That is the reason for the downfall of the GOP. That is why they struggle.


3 Responses to “Why the GOP Struggles”

  1. i know that i have a very limited, if at all, knowledge on this subject, but i have just one point that i would like to know more about…
    if only looking at gay marriage/gay rights, hasn’t the past years show a definite direction towards more liberal?(from the supreme court ruling, and the closer equality between prop 22 of 2000 and prop 8 of 2008)

  2. California is hardly an accurate representation for the rest of the United States. It is the most liberal state in the nation. But I think you missed the point altogether.

    Many traditional Republicans DO support gay marriage. The Republican party used to advocate equality and freedom. About protecting the rights of the minority. About anti-big-government and pro-rights-of-the-people. But then religion took the GOP over, and the Republican party started advocating big government (patriot act) and taking away rights (abortion, position on marijuana legalization). This whole anti-gay marriage position thing does not go in accordance with the Republican platform… that is, it didn’t before religion took over the party.

    Take a look at Ron Paul for example. In any other country’s spectrum, he would be the most conservative Republican alive, because he is a traditional Republican. Admittedly, he is against gay marriage. But he is also against straight marriage! He believes government should stay the hell out of religious activities! He believes that giving tax breaks to married couples (whether straight or gay) oversteps the bounds of the federal government. That’s how conservative he is! And that’s my kind of conservative!

    (Post note: I supported Ron Paul in the Republican primary by the way. And that’s says a lot coming from a screaming liberal.)

  3. Actually Joe, you are right about one thing … the Republicans who we wasted our votes on during the last administration let us down. They were donkeys disguised in elephant clothing. They were not Conservatives by any means and spent like the most Liberal of Democrats.

    That is the reason that Republican Congressmen lost the support of its base. The Republican base stayed true to its Conservative values and just plain didn’t vote. They couldn’t stomach electing the same Liberals who pretended to be Republicans the last go-around. And, as far as John McCain is concerned, he was far too Liberal for the majority of the base.

    When Republican Congressmen finally decide to return to the Conservative values of their Party’s core, we will come out and support them once again.

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