Fiscal Conservatives are Hypocrites

I often hear conservatives call Obama a socialist, communist, Marxist, know-nothing economist. They say he will expand the federal government and destroy the laissez-faire capitalism that is the foothold of our nation. They say he will obliterate our economy and devastate the proud nation of America. That our economy will soon turn into what-was Soviet Russia… ouch.

Well now it’s my turn to say: Fiscal conservatives are hypocrites.

To demonstrate my thesis, I will deploy an analogy. Let us suppose that (1) the republican and democratic parties are competing companies, that (2) McCain and Obama were the products of these respective companies, and that (3) the people who voted were the consumers of these political products. In my analogy, this “political industry” is a free market, in which everyone may consume (or vote for) any product (McCain or Obama) they so choose, regardless of which one is necessarily “better”.

According to fiscal conservatives, that, in essence, is the driving force behind our economy. Consumers are exposed to diversity, and thus competition demands companies to make the best products for the lowest prices. Companies that do good are awarded by an abundance of customers with wallets in hand.

Marketing, of course, is also an important strategy employed by companies. Celebrity endorsements make products look ‘cool’, clever slogans and advertisements fool many into buying products they otherwise wouldn’t buy, and false image maliciously and intentionally exploits market groups. Fiscal conservatives just don’t seem to realize that the best products don’t always win. In reality, they rarely do.1

Similarly, Obama won a monopoly in the politics industry, and his strategies in doing so are irrelevant. What is important is that he won a monopoly in a supposedly fair and free system; he won the election in a free market.

So when you hear fiscal conservatives talk about how Obama “bought the election”, know that they are badmouthing the United States of America and her capitalist economy. Know that they are being hypocritical, and that they are contradicting their pro-capitalist positions. For the sake of consistency, know that fiscal conservatives must either become socialists — thereby changing their fundamental, core beliefs — or shut up about Obama’s views on the economy.

1 Examples of these occurrences include the dominance of Microsoft, McDonald’s, MasterCard, and Merrill Lynch. Mind you, those are just the ‘M’s.


6 Responses to “Fiscal Conservatives are Hypocrites”

  1. I didn't proof read or think it through properly Says:

    “Know that they are being hypocritical, and that they are contradicting their pro-capitalist positions.”

    This statement only stands due to your analogy. Don’t do that. The only time that is appropriate is when your analogy is completely logical. Your comparison, “consume (or vote for),” isn’t entirely accurate.

  2. My analogy isn’t perfect, obviously. Most analogies aren’t. But I believe it served its purpose nonetheless. Conservatives can not simultaneously say that (1) Obama is a bad choice and that (2) capitalism is good.

    The presence of circular logic does not deface the quality of a position.

  3. The election has to do with government, not business. (although I am amused by your observation :))

    Unfortunately, some government has to exist for society to exist, as humanity is not perfect or infallible. The government is not capitalist, our economy is. I see your correlation, but in reality an election should defy most capitalist trends, as the actually better candidate should and most always wins.

    I do believe Obama was a bad choice, and I believe this because he wishes to end capitalism, and by extension America.

  4. politicalgrapevine Says:

    …Huh? Our Govt. is a Democracy, not capitalist.

    – Our Economy is capitalist. Your analogy obviously needs great attention.
    – Consumers are the driving force of our economy, that is why you cant take their money and put it into useless programs, that, not unlike your analogy, need work.
    – I totally agree with Brad.

  5. @ brad and grapevine: It was a fun thought, not to be taken too seriously. Yeah, I know our democracy is not capitalist… that’s nonsensical. Our democracy is democratic. But I still believe my analogy stands, albeit loosely.

    If my opinion still does not float your boat, then think of it as a mental exercise, not as a serious article for Time magazine.

  6. It is quite a leap to say that McCain was the product of his respective company. The Conservatives did not even show up to work; they called in sick. They left the nonproductive and mentally incapable remaining workers to fail on their own, which they did famously by nominating John McCain as their company’s CEO.

    True Republican Conservatives were sick of having Liberals jammed down their throats who claimed to be Republicans. We are better off as a Party letting the rest of the country watch the Democratic/Liberal way fail.

    We will be far worse off as a country watching it happen, however.

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