You Are Your Clothes

You can tell a lot about a person by the way he dresses.1 A girl wearing super-short-shorts and a revealing top signals she is socially popular, and a flirt. A boy wearing “cool” name brand clothes indicates he wants to “fit in” with the crowd. A person wearing jeans and a one-color shirt displays his dislike for the mainstream, and that he has made the conscious decision not to be defined by his clothes.

Judging someone by the way he dresses is so astoundingly accurate and precise, because it is he who chose his clothes. It is how he wants to display himself; it is his method of advertising himself to the world.

My best friend, Benjamin, covers himself with Hollister, neck down. And his personality glows in this. He is obsessed with the images he watches on MTV. He makes obscene sexual jokes on a day-to-day basis. He uses schoolyard terms such as “gay”, “faggot”, and “orgy” without restraint. He is the mainstream.

I know a girl, Mindy, who wears shorts that barely reach below the hip, and who routinely wears tops that reveal cleavage. I like it, but it exemplifies, very accurately, her personality. She is a flirt, who inspires many young men to follow her around. She intentionally speaks and acts out sexually suggestive thoughts and ideas. And from this, I can see, further, her insecurity that she is not loved, that she is not feminine enough.

Myself? I wear one-color polo shirts and jeans, sometimes with a jacket if it is cold outside. I feel insecure about my personality, and reason that if I wear no-name brands, that my essence will not be clouded. Because if it is clouded, then perhaps I will display no personality at all.

But the decision of choosing clothes is overtly conscious, and not limited to females, although probably more so. It is very easy to imagine a bratty female teenager on a shopping spree with credit cards in hand and bags of clothes in the other, carefully scrutinizing what fabrics she wants to cover her flesh. But it is still easy to imagine how a male makes similar decisions when buying clothes. After all, it is a conscious decision that chooses the clothes on a person’s back.

1 For this article, I default to masculine nouns and objects. It is not that I am sexist; using politically correct language would just get annoying after a while.


10 Responses to “You Are Your Clothes”

  1. am i Benjamin or Mindy?

    let’s say that i’m benjamin. well i don’t watch MTV any more than you do. i spend my time playing online games and youtubing and homework; none of them should have any correlation with any of the mentioned brands. Also, MTV does not really sport clothings that i wear; of the few shows that i have seen, it’s usually rappers with black tees or white wifebeater.
    correction: i have never shopped/bought/worn anything American Apparel, in fact, what you are wearing could very well be from American Apparel-no name tees/polos etc link:
    obscene sexual jokes:yes i do joke. a lot actually. but thats because i have enough stress in my other parts of life. i have heavy commitments in music and school, and it’s also my personality, to not be bound up and be a pretentious hermit.
    if my memory serves me right, i’m the one that advocated the stop of using cuss words. you continued to use it anyways. i do not find anything in the world that requires me to talk the same language as a thug.
    also, i am consistent. you can come over to my website, which you have linked, and observe clear consistency between that and my behavior. you can come over to my facebook and look at my about me section.
    i’m me. it happens that i enjoy hip hop instead of indie rock. oh no.
    i am the mainstream? let’s see, i have no gaming consoles, i don’t join any sport, i don’t think i’ve watched more than 4 movies in a theater in last 4 years, my biggest compliment(according to facebook) is “best scientist”

    i wear the clothes i wear for the same reason that Obama drives a Chrysler 300C. it gets 18mpg(bad). he could sell it and buy a toyota tercel and give the money to charity. he can mayb choose a hybrid. is he assimilationist? is he mainstream? why does he wear, like, real clothes? instead of a rag? because he wants to make himself presentable. he is not a complete loser. (driving a chrysler 300C equates to making a statement in the wheelie industry, just so you know)

    let’s say i’m mindy.
    i’m touching myself.

    let’s look at you. your outside behavior represents absolutely nothing that you do here. you have fallen out of real life. you are pretentious. here and in real life.
    you brag in wearing brandless clothes, which shows how fake you are.

    grow up.

    anytime that you have to resort to looking at symptoms instead of identifying a cause shows that you are losing your argument.

  2. You are obviously offended. Would you like me to remove the paragraph on you? (The benjamin one of course.)

  3. if by “remove” you mean removing the idea in your head and properly understanding the situation, then yes.

    if not, happy halloween

  4. I’ve spoken to this fellow irl; he’s fine with it.

  5. Placed yourself pretty far up on that moral high horse, now didn’t you? Seems shallow. I really hope you don’t actually judge people based on their clothes.

  6. *cringes*. Maybe I should delete this one.

  7. Labrat228 Says:

    Don’t delete this one, this is perhaps the only one I can agree with

  8. I guess you could be right or wrong. What a person wears can give a good idea about themselves, but it’s better not to assume that they are what they wear.

    Imagine this: A quiet girl who wears nothing but Hollister, Hollister Hollister and Hollister.
    a) Her parents spoil her and buy her only the best clothes, because they want their daughter to have the best. Hollister is what her friends wear, but she doesn’t care.
    b) Her mother works for Hollister and gets discounts. She is not rich, but buys because they look considerably better than thrift store clothing, and it is convinent.
    c) She begs for Hollister because she wants friends. She was bullied at her old school for her dorky clothes and she doesn’t want it to happen again.

    But this girl is not of the Mindy that you speak of. Far from it, she is quiet, un-flirty, and shy.

    And then, a guy who wears the same blue jeans everyday, and plain white t-shirts. He desires popularity, sex, and money. He’s stolen his parents’ money to buy porno videos. Tries to flirt with girls, but fails miserably.

    There are many people like this. They are not unusual, they just aren’t stereotypes.

    Main point: Though what you state is the “stereotype,” it’s better to keep your perspective open.

  9. “Though what you state is the ‘stereotype,’ it’s better to keep your perspective open.”

    I agree partially. I do not believe people should judge other people based on their clothes. That would be foolish. What I was trying to convey, though, was that there exists an uncanny correlation between one’s clothes and one’s personality. I am merely speaking of an elevated chance of symptoms; I am not arguing causes.

  10. Samuel Chen Says:

    Don’t delete this one, it’s good.

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