Thinking About This Blog in Retrospect

I appreciate the comments I have been receiving for the entries posted in this blog. Some of these comments have made me smile; some have educated me; some have been profoundly insightful; but most of all, the comments I receive have inspired me in ways I can not describe.

Though, I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

I wrote a previous blog, “Political Joe”, which, in the span of one and a half years, received less than two thousand hits. I saw this unpopularity, and tried desperately for any way to promote the site. I spammed other sites, linked myself in any Internet profile I could find, and told all my friends to visit. I worked harder promoting the site than actually writing! My struggle, however, led to subpar writing, and added an obsessive overtone to my articles.

The lack of reader feedback made my strife worse. One and a half years past, and I had only received two comments. I appreciated both, but having had a taste enraged my starvation for more. This starvation led me to friends, colleagues, and, at one point, even teachers, all of whom turned my offer down.

To think that now, with the help of WordPress, I have received more than three thousand hits, in a very limited amount of time, bewilders me.

The comments are the best. They have intrigued me to study fields of philosophy I have never heard of before. They have taught me theories and ideas that perplex and consume my mind. They have taught me how profoundly intellectually witty some can be.

But more than that, I now know I have an audience. And knowing so inspires me to write more than ever before. And that alone is the greatest gift you can give a learning writer.

Thank you for giving me that gift.


7 Responses to “Thinking About This Blog in Retrospect”

  1. Samuel Chen Says:

    I EXPECT A CONSTANT UNDISTURBED FLOW OF BLOG POSTS FROM NOW ON! He he kidding of course, but I do enjoy readying your posts. Very interesting to read.

    Oh, and I’m TheSkeptic from if you haven’t figured that out. I actually found this from your profile on

  2. Sweatingjojo left a comment here as well. Me = Luf

    Thanks for the compliment.

  3. You’re like an Artemis Fowl in the form of a living, breathing, human. Frankly, your personality amazes me.

  4. I don’t know whether to take that as criticism or compliment.

    Thanks for your comment regardless!

  5. Labrat228 Says:

    Labrat228 was here as well.

  6. More luf.

  7. According to Accordions Says:

    Great clarity.

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