The Economy: Too Complicated for Me

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” – George Carlin

The economy is going down the tubes. The stock mark is falling faster than the curtain to President Bush’s presidency; Capitol Hill is unable to come to any consensus whatsoever; and the nation is in a frantic panic. My colleague, Rob, assures me: “This is bad Joe. It’s worse than the great depression!”

I have tried to concoct an opinion for myself, but I have since lost myself in a smear war of opinions. As every expert, politician, and friend shouts answers and solutions, no progress is made, and laymen like myself become confused.

Perhaps the experts are the worst. It seems as though every expert has their own opinion, and as though every one of them is unable to provide sufficient proof for their claims. These economy experts should be the medium of focus we desperately need; but instead, they bicker over loose logic and undefined hypothesis.

Meanwhile, politicians and laymen continue arguing as if they know something. What ever happened to being humble and saying “I don’t know”? I strongly doubt our qualification to understand and judge the complex issue of the United State’s economy.

So I don’t know how to fix the economy. And I don’t have an opinion. I am fine with my ignorance. Let the smear war continue, and allow those conceited enough to continue. I am just here for the ride.


7 Responses to “The Economy: Too Complicated for Me”

  1. well carlin certainly is the “stupider” “half” of mankind, because average does not show the halfway point; median does.

    and that is basically my view for the general politics, “So I don’t know how to fix the (insert political issue). And I don’t have an opinion. I am fine with my ignorance. Let the smear war continue, and allow those conceited enough to continue. I am just here for the ride.”

  2. Those who know comedy frown down on you. It’s a joke; it doesn’t have to make one-hundred-percent sense. And Carlin performed with a certain rhythm that could not be interrupted; the essence of the joke would have been ruined had he said “median”. Also, Carlin=TheRealGod.

    I am not (as) ignorant with other issues. I was trying to make the point that there is no feasible way a normal person can understand the economy. The issue of abortion, for instance, has been around for ages — people are able to see all the points clearly — but the issue of the economy is new, and extremely confusing to most.

  3. it’s good to know that you’re not frowning at me.

    economy is new? the problem of economy is new? wow my history book have sections on economical problems of almost every civilization, led by emperors from Wu Ti to Vladimir I to Constantine to Justinian to Chandragupta to Ali. yes you can argue that with modern technology and blah blah blah that it’s constantly changing, but the principal remains the same-trade, healthcare, education, so on. i challenge you to name a current economical problem that never existed and passed in history.

    my book, unfortunately, it does not provide any insight on the abortion problem.
    there are no points to abortion(except for a few technicalities, which will sure be solved in time). it is only morals.
    so it’s not so much an issue as it is a choice, made by either the whole country, states, or individuals.

  4. Oh, play semantics and appeal to authority. But I don’t wanna.

    My point was this: I am unable to come up with my own answers, so I look to experts. And the experts are lost in a smear war, so I am again lost.

    Perhaps you can educate me, because I haven’t turned towards history yet. Tell me, Bern, with your deep understanding on the history of economics in hand, how do we fix our current financial situation?

  5. haha i always thought semantics was like a word from the root cement, so like sementics =P

    cementics that is

  6. I pride myself in knowing you.

    But back to the point: Ask the average Joe walking down the street what s/he believes about abortion, and s/he’ll probably have an opinion. And he will probably have the same contentions as most everyone else.

    Ask someone about the current state of the economy, however, and all hell breaks loose. It’s one thing to understand there exists a problem, and it’s a totally different thing to understand how to fix said problem.

    There exists no consensus whatsoever, and there exists no valid answers. Where do we turn to?

  7. Okay well, the most basic advice I can give is don’t read American news. That seething miasma of opinionated blabber [which I assume you are utilizing in futility] might be less helpful than other sources. I recommend starting at the BBC [ for the page they have specifically on the financial crisis]. There’s a section on that page called “The Basics” [scroll down]. For a second opinion, you can always try the Business section of Al-Jazeera []. I fully realize you might have gotten everything sorted out by now, but I thought giving a few resources wouldn’t hurt in any case.

    In any event, I think the problem is so bad at this point that there really is no single solution anymore, which is probably why you see so much bickering.

    P.S. Who is boombern? He/she is exceedingly irritating and quite pretentious [a hypocritical statement on my part, I know].

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