Analysis of the Vice-Presidential Debate

[Picture of Biden and Palin shaking hands.]

It’s no secret. Completely unable to come up with their own coherent answers, politicians need “communication advisers” to prepare them for debates and interviews. That’s why I found it strange governor Sarah Palin could not answer simple questions in her interviews with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson. In the only vice-presidential debate, it appears her communication advisers have done their homework, and prepared her well.

But it seems as though Palin only spewed her prepared rhetoric. Indeed, on numerous occasions, she had to mold the question in order to create a response. Senator Biden on the other hand, could use his own mind, and directly answer questions.

Question: What is true and what is false about what we’ve heard, read… about the causes of climate change?
Palin: …but there are real changes going on in our climate, and I don’t want to argue about the causes…
Biden: I think it is clearly man made… that’s the cause. That’s why the polar ice cap is melting.

On some occasions, it was if Palin’s prepared responses were downright nonsensical! Biden had the ability to point this out.

Question: You both have sons that are in Iraq or are on their way. You, governor Palin, have said that you would like to see a real clear plan for an exit strategy. What should that be?
Palin: I am proud of the plan… I know that the other ticket opposed this surge.
Biden: With all due respect, I didn’t hear a plan. Barack Obama has offered a clear plan: Shift responsibilities to the Iraqis over the next sixteen months, draw down our combat troops… we will end this war.

Other times, Palin blatantly ignored the questions!

Question: Which is the greatest threat: A nuclear Iran or an unstable Pakistan?
Biden: Well they’re both very dangerous… but I’ve been focused on Pakistan. Pakistan already has nuclear weapons. Iran… they are not closed to getting a nuclear weapon that’s able to be deployed.
Palin: Both are very dangerous… An nuclear armed Iran… is so extremely dangerous to consider… Isreal, is in jeopardy, of course… (talks about preconditions and never goes into the question)

As you could guess, I am quite proud of Biden. He did a great job defeating Palin, albeit a very easy job.

Question: Has this administration been an abject failure as Senator Biden says governor?
Palin: No… I mean, we’ll learn from… the past administration and other administrations. And we’re going to forge ahead with putting government back on the side of the people. And making sure our country comes first, putting obsessive partisanship aside. That’s what John McCain has been known for in all these years he’s been the maverick. But change is coming.
Biden: The issue is how different is John McCain’s policy going to be than George Bush’s. I haven’t heard anything yet. I haven’t heard how his policies are going to be different on Iran than George Bush’s. I haven’t heard how his policies are going to be different on Israel than George Bush’s. I haven’t heard how his policies are going to be different in Afghanistan than George Bush’s. I haven’t heard how his policies are going to be different in Pakistan than George Bush’s… it is; the same as George Bush’s, and you know where that policy is taking us. We will make significant change.


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