A 1790s French Guillotine Execution

(I came up with the majority of this text in my world history class. I was severely bored. Oh, and I like to reuse the same words over and over if you haven’t noticed.)

A plethora of screaming voices pierce my ears; the heavy weight of ignominy pulls at my stomach; the gleam of the blade shines in my eyes. The scene is inhumanity manifested in a 1790s French guillotine execution— my own.

I was awaken this morning by the voice of shouting soldiers. It was still dark, but their attentive attitude worked as a catalyst for my sleepy mind. ‘Are we being invaded by the Prussians? Was Marie Antoinette out loose, dangerous?’ A thousand thoughts raced through my mind, eventually centering on one as they grabbed me, and told me I had been charged with conspiring to murder Maximilien Robespierre: What had I done?

The trial was swift because no evidence was required. These days, it seems as though mass paranoia has swept through our streets. Everyone is afraid of everyone else, and everyone else is trying to ruin the revolution.

Not three hours from my trial and not six from my rude awakening, I stand before an audience cheering for my death. I feel my executioner’s hand on my shoulder, placed as if to mollify me. He mumbles something incoherent.

My mind is blank. Could this be apathy? Acceptance? Probably both. ‘Surely the afterlife will be safer than this hellhole,’ I think to myself. ‘Where has humanity’s empathy gone?’

The blade drops. The voices stop. Finally.


5 Responses to “A 1790s French Guillotine Execution”

  1. Isn’t this supposed to be a journal entry? How is it possible to write with one’s head chopped off? Unless, you are simply expanding upon the assignment only on your blag*.


  2. I wrote this in class. Of course I redid the assignment.

  3. According to Accordions Says:

    Oh, the French Revolution was one of the great watersheds of history. Interesting stuff.

    By the way, spectators at execution rallies noted that eyeballs and muscles could twitch or wiggle up to thirty seconds after the decapitation.

  4. According to Accordions Says:

    By the way, did you have Mrs. Park as a teacher before?

  5. Yes. I had her for English 1.

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