Thoughts on This Blog

[Picture of a pen on paper.]

I stare at my “Blog stats” counter, and amazingly, I don’t care. My reaction is self-surprising; I had a previous blog, Political Joe, which I spent more time promoting than actually writing. Something has changed within me as a person, and I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what.

A lot has changed since Political Joe, both in my writing and personal life. I started taking PSAT classes, which have helped me write with much higher quality prose. I look at my old articles once on Political Joe, and feel a heavy sense of ignominy. ‘I actually thought this was good?’ I think to myself. And perhaps that’s the irony of a developing writer; perhaps I’ll look at this blog one day, and feel that same shame I will remember feeling now. The dilemma is the ignorance of not knowing how good your writing is as you are writing it.

My personal life has changed as well. When I first discovered politics and debate, I was a genuine addict. All I could think about was politics, politics, and more politics. I’ve cooled down since then. While I still care, I realize that writing has more purpose than simple “this is what I believe” pieces. Writing can be funny, it can be authentically insightful, and it can be personal. I like to think I’ve grown.

After all my contemplation, I can proudly state I still don’t know why my reaction was surprising. Perhaps I’m more confident about my writing. Perhaps I have lower expectations. Maybe I have a more pure motivation to write. I don’t know. Perhaps after everything is said and done, it doesn’t matter.


3 Responses to “Thoughts on This Blog”

  1. musingsofjoe Says:

    This is a test comment. Cool, isn’t it?

  2. According to Accordions Says:

    Very cool.

    Though trite, I think the statement “write for the sake of writing” applies here.

    Screw the view ticker. (I must admit, as a writer, I feel my work holds no meaning unless read. This form of pretentious expectation only leads to subpar writing, however.)

  3. According to Accordions Says:

    Your writing is much more precise and succinct than mine also.

    “I look at my old articles once on Political Joe, and feel a heavy sense of ignominy.”

    That word is particularly enjoyable, but brings up The Scarlet Letter every time it appears.

    *Hawthorne uses ignominy and its variants quite alot.

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