Adolf Hitler

(This is an essay I wrote for school. This blog needed some posts stat, so whatever. The assignment was to read a biography and to write an essay on the strengths, weaknesses, and accomplishments of that person as well as to provide a brief synopsis of that person’s life.)

Adolf Hitler is often regarded as the cruelest man that has ever lived; however, many do not know the back-story of his life. Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 to a violent father and an apathetic mother. At first, he did very well in school, but his grades slowly dipped until he was dropped. He spent many years homeless, until he enlisted in the German army to fight World War I. After his service, he accidentally joined the Nazi party. Despite this, he soon became the leader, making speeches that quickly drew the attention of thousands. He overthrew the German government, transformed it in into a dictatorship, and began World War II. He committed suicide on April 30, 1945. As fascinating as his life story is, his weaknesses, strengths, and accomplishments are what solidify his most interesting characteristics.

Adolf Hitler’s weaknesses are one of the many aspects that make him one of the most interesting characters in all of history. One of those weaknesses was that he often let his emotions cloud his judgment. Nearing the end of the war, for instance, he once said to his generals, “The whole course of my life proves that I never capitulate. The task of the must be mastered. I repeat: For me the word ‘impossible’ does not exist” (Smith 154). His generals urged him to bring his soon-to-be-dead troops back home, but his emotions clouded his judgment, making him believe his far out-numbered troops would survive. This led to the death of thousands, and subsequently the loss of the war.

A second weakness of Hitler was his short temper. Even very early in life, his only friend August Kubizek noted that he shouldn’t speak in opposition to him. “He (Hitler) is a passionately involved young man, deadly serious. Kubizek found it unpleasant to contradict anything he said, for to do so brought an outburst of anger” (Smith 9). Later on in his life, Hitler’s short temper would prevent his generals from correcting his erred military strategies.

Adolf Hitler’s strengths also make him one of the most interesting characters in history. One of his strengths was that he had an uncanny ability to think his plans of action through. Gene Smith, the author of The Horns of The Moon, wrote, “All his life Adolf Hitler had impressed people as an ungovernable man possessed by great and terrible rages. But behind those rages was a reasoning and powerful man” (Smith 130). For instance, before invading Poland, Hitler knew that Russia would defend them, thus rendering his attack useless; so, he made allies with Russia to ensure he could launch a successful attack. Another instance of his uncanny ability to think tings through was his strategy to improve Germany’s economy after he overthrew the government. Instead of building factories progressively, he built as fast and as much as he could. This strategy briefly made Germany economically stable in an otherwise state of depression.

A second strength of Adolf Hitler was his ability to always find a passion in life. When he was a young adult, he attempted to enter into an art school twice before attempting to enter into an architecture school. Every time he was rejected, but he persisted, moving on with each attempt. When he got a few years older, he joined the German army. In his army uniform, he was caught in a photograph “…showing the delight he felt to have a cause and a sudden meaning for his life” (Smith 31). When he was older of course, he was extremely passionate about the annihilation of the Jews. As can be seen, Adolf Hitler’s ability to always have a passion in life is extremely notable.

Perhaps out of all the features that make Adolf Hitler one of the most interesting characters in all of history, were his accomplishments. Arguably, he was one of the most successful dictators of all time. His philosophies are continually cited as ideas to avoid. Without Hitler, many political theories would simply not exist. Adolf Hitler, although extremely errant in his doings, has provided a fundamental perspective of evil. Modern society now knows what not to become. This is one of the biggest accomplishments of any person that has ever lived.

In conclusion, Adolf Hitler is one of the most interesting characters in all of history. His strengths, weaknesses, and accomplishments proved this. While having a tendency to get infuriated often, his uncanny ability to understand the complex issues of warfare and strategy made him truly exceptional. Out of all his characteristics though, perhaps the greatest is the gift he gave society– a gift that shows us exactly what we must not become. Some say that history repeats itself; I just hope we can take Adolf Hitler’s gift, and ensure it doesn’t.

Smith, Gene, THE HORNS OF THE MOON. New York: Chaterhouse, 1973.


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