The World is Awesome

(Inspired by P.J O’Rourke’s All the Trouble in the World.)

[Picture of a mushroom cloud.]

Ask the average politico about the current state of the world, and you’d witness a true tirade of passion — the oceans are rising; disease, famines, and wars plague the world; racial profiling is worse than ever. According to them, modern society is a failed product of a failed ambition. They’d say, the world has never been worse.

Sometimes, I want to shout back at them. “Shut up!” I’d say in angry defiance.

In reality, we live in the epitome of inspired time. For one, the empathy we feel for one another has never been stronger. Not longer than a half-century ago, blacks were segregated from whites, women were treated as sub-humans, and the public was largely apathetic towards politics. Back in the good ‘ol days, no one questioned the inhumanity of the Coliseum. So why then is PETA so up in arms, in a rage, infuriated about the “violated rights” of a couple million lobsters? Like I said, shut up.

The Internet allows us to spread ideas democratically in a manner that can reach millions. Modern philosophy provides us with a plethora of new thoughts, ideas, and innovations. Modern medicine makes it, truly, hard to die. Humanitarian missions exist. Religion, for the most part anyway, has become a relatively minor force in the politics of governments. I’d hate to be redundant, but I’ll stress my point further: The world is awesome.

If we are overweight, okay; I’d much rather be fat than have the plague. If schools are not meeting the expectations of a few government bureaucracies, fine; I’d much rather be labeled “stupid” than be incapable of knowing I’m stupid. I’d much rather be lazy than be… ah never mind. (Oh and by the way Department of Education, you’re stupid! Na na na na na na.)

Point being, the supercilious politicos claiming to know the solution to the world’s doomsday-esque problems don’t actually know the solution to the world’s problems. I agree that there is still a lot of work to be done, but we are making progress. We should do more to fix our society’s problems, but that by no interpretation means our society is overly problematic. My message is simple: Calm down, have a burger, and shut up.


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